New Meraki app for IOS

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New Meraki app for IOS

I have actively used the Meraki System Manager Free for <100 users service for many years to manage my family mobile Apple devices. I supervise my kids Apple devices and I actively will enforce restrictions on their device when needed.  I used to be able to set their devices to "single app" mode if I needed to from the Meraki Mobile app on my Iphone, however with the update of this app to version 4, that option is now not available AND I am not able to manage any feature of any device in System Manager and all devices show as offline. However all features are functional and all clients show as online when I log in to System Manager from a browser.


I have reinstalled the app on my Iphone with no improvement. I have a test device I use to test profiles and silent app installation and I have removed it from System Manger, recovery mode re-imaged it, re-supervised it and added it to my System Manager with no improvement.  All the Apple devices can support IOS 14.0.1, to which they have already upgraded.


This is a problem.  I am willing to test whatever I can to fix this issue. I really don't want to move to Jamf or another MDM/MMD.  I can provide screen shots as of all as needed.  


The network equipment I use at home is not Meraki but Ubiquiti so we can rule out network hardware issues from the start.




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Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hey Bradh1,


For general background, the iOS app is built by a different team than the SM team. But I'll talk to them about the bug you ran into and the feature difference you saw in v4. 


And -- said with a smile -- suggesting you might move to competitor when you already use our product for free isn't the best bargaining tactic if you are trying to get me motivated.  😉




Noah Salzman

Product Manager for SM



@Bradh1 The free version of Systems manager was discontinued a few years ago and does not come with technical support. I am surprised the legacy version still works with the new app.


Over time you will probably find things will stop working slowly as Meraki consider it end of life. 


Enjoy it while it lasts as all good things come to an end.



Version 4.1 of the Meraki iOS App (available if you are in the Testflight beta) improves the behavior on displaying online/offline SM devices. There is more work to do there but the reporting should be improved in this new version.


No news on the other request, still looking into it.

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