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New Feature Announcements community

Meraki Employee

New Feature Announcements community

Hello SM Community, 


Our documentation and community team has put together a great new system for Meraki Feature Announcements. All new SM release notes and feature announcements (large and small) will appear here:


You can subscribe to that forum for any number of Meraki products or you can select just Systems Manager (in the list below the Subscribe button) before clicking Subscribe if you want to receive a filtered list. 


As I have indicated in the past, for SM we want to do a better job with regular release notes and updates. Please monitor that forum as we will be using it for all new announcements. 


Noah Salzman

Product Manager for Meraki SM

Building a reputation

Re: New Feature Announcements community

I've just look'ed the announcements over ..

THAT's great stuff !! Just what I want.. If anything deserves KUDO, that thread/board does .. !!


Precise, to the point and exactly what the doctor ordered: Nutricius and just what You need ..







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Re: New Feature Announcements community

Great to see things we need being added!

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