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Meraki Managed Profiles Windows Systems

We are trying to utilize a Meraki Managed profile to PUSH NEW SSID information to Windows Laptops on our network.  It doesn't seem to be taking and the "Install Status" shows "NOT INSTALLED" on the Managed settings page.  We utilize a FREE version of System Meraki manager so i'm wondering if this is a limitation of the FREE system vs. paid.  I am able to deploy profiles via IOS or Android with no issues.  

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Do you have any sort of Application filter in place that may be blocking the Meraki Systems Manager Agent from connecting properly with the dashboard or do yo have any policies in place on the local workstations that would prevent the settings from being accepted?

I don't believe so,  each users system is showing online and connected via Meraki.  When I do items such as "TAKE SCREENSHOT" or send message....they work fine. 

What operating systems are you using. I found this Meraki article and it may not be possible to push if not in Win10 and then in Win10 to get it to connect you would need to make sure you follow the procedure to get it fully enrolled in MDM instead of just the Systems Management portion.

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Support for Windows under Meraki Systems Manager is poor. Profiles (settings) that change device-specific settings (such as Wi-Fi SSIDs) cannot be pushed to a managed device unless the user who enrolled the device is logged in and has admin privileges. Yes, that's right. And what if you have more than one user on the same device? Well, that sure is a good question.


Basically, the only thing SM is good for on Windows is remote access and keeping track of the devices. Pushing profiles, which is easily done for macOS and iOS, is essentially impossible for anything important. Use group policy instead.

Support for Windows is increasing but not at the rate users would be happy with. There are other MDM's out there if people want to manage remote devices that are not tied to a directory. 

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