Meraki MDM & Apple Configurator 2 - problems with new Macbook to reset to Supervised devices

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Meraki MDM & Apple Configurator 2 - problems with new Macbook to reset to Supervised devices

During Jan/Feb we started testing the Meraki MDM.  I successfully set-up several Apple devices using an older MacBook and Apple Configurator 1.5 that I've added to Systems Manager and have deployed for testing.


Now we are ready to go to production and roll-out to more phones.  Difference this time though is I have a new MacBook Pro and using Apple Configurator 2.  Now after the reset, it shows up in DEP and goes into MDM okay - but when I get to point on iPhone of installing the Remote Management Profile, I get the error of "Remote Management - The configuration for your iPhone could not be downloaded from XXX - Invalid Profile".


I'm guessing the "Invalid Profile" error has to do with the fact I'm using a new MacBook and also Apple Configurator 2 this time - I've gone thru documentation and can't figure what I need to change.  I used my Apple Business Manager admin account to logon to Apple Configurator so it pulled down the correct MDM info.  Any thoughts/feedback on what I need to redo or what I'm missing?

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I would try creating a new profile in System manager and see if it reports the same issue. Also did you factory reset the device before setting it up with configurator,

So think I'm seeing part of problem - when I check my MDM SM Config, under General, it shows that I need to upload new Apple Configurator certificate - I tried exporting from MacBook Pro using both the Identify Exporter and the Manual method, but either way get error in Meraki that:

  • Invalid PKCS12 provided for Apple Configurator certificate

So if I'm interpreting this right, it all points back to the fact I am using a different MacBook pro to reset these devices.


Also make sure you have enough MDM licences... you get random errors when you don't.

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That is not the issue, plenty of lisc available.

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