Manage tags - MDM - user with no full access.(only tag)

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Manage tags - MDM - user with no full access.(only tag)



How is possible to give access to an another user to change tag on some iPads.




Administrator have 40 iPads ( full access tag - 8 tags) 

A new user1 is create and he need to have access on 37 iPads only and change the tag ( 4 choices possible)


I don't know if is possible to give an another user the possibility to manager 37 iPads only ?


Thank for you analyse 

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Re: Manage tags - MDM - user with no full access.(only tag)

Unfortunately no, You only can give access to all devices in MDM. You can decide settings they have access to. 



2020-06-23 12_56_22-Administrators - Meraki Dashboard - Work - Microsoft​ Edge.png



A user with full privileges enjoys comprehensive monitoring and configuration capabilities  for the networks to which they’ve been provided access, making this the best fit for a delegated site admin.



Read-only users get the same comprehensive view, which also includes the Overview page showing all networks to which they have access, albeit without the ability to save changes. This option is ideal for junior network admins who do not yet have full responsibility for the networks they work on. It’s also a sensible choice for dashboard demonstrations, which a service provider may like to use to promote their capabilities. Finally, this view is perfect in a NOC environment.



This restricted view provides a limited read-only Monitor menu, perfect for a manager who merely needs to keep an eye on real-time and trending network use. Note the menu options on the left here compared to what we saw above:

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