MDM automatically removing Apple WiFi profile

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MDM automatically removing Apple WiFi profile



I'm trying to set iPads up from Apple Configurator. I believe I have set that side of it up properly, because the iPads are connecting to the WiFi and the Meraki MDM. The problem is that MDM removes the WiFi profile from the iPad before installing the WiFi profile in MDM. Therefore it loses connection to MDM before downloading anything.


Any ideas?


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Kind of a big deal

Do you have your wifi setting in their own profile or mixed in with other settings? 


All MDM's removed profiles created within configurator upon connection, I never bother with configurator because it just creates problems, my suggestion is buy an Apple lightning to USB camera connecter and a Apple USB ethernet adaptor and make yourself a ethernet adaptor to setup iPads, I find this way more efficient than plugging devices into a computer and mucking around with configurator and it will solve the problem you have.
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As @BlakeRichardson mentioned, Apple Configurator has the ability to create problems


ENSURE that you add a WiFi profile, that is set to AutoJoin when preparing devices with Apple Configurator. Without it, you'll end up with the device losing internet connectivity. You can even build the adding of the wifi profile into a blueprint to ensure a slick enrollment process

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