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We recently had an issue with our company iPhones losing their contacts, it was established that this was due to our Meraki environment currently being configured for “Basic Authentication”.  We needed to temporary re-enabled Basic Authentication, which caused further issues and I am now in the process of trying to setup OAuth.



I have created a copy of our Meraki profile that is used for mobile devices, which I have enabled, however, I am unsure what to enter for the “Signin URL” and “Token Request URL”.


I received a guide (link below) from Meraki for enabling Azure AD Single Sign on with Meraki Dashboard, but I am not sure if this was even required.



Unfortunately, the new OAuth profile will not allow the contacts to be populated, I receive a prompt asking for my exchange password, but entering the password does not do anything.



If someone could point me in the right direction for what is needed to setup OAuth correctly within my profile, it would be appreciated.


Are the “Signin URL” and “Token Request URL” fields required and if so, what are the URLs?


I feel I have big gaps in my understanding of this issue, so any help would be greatly appreciated.




Meraki Employee

Hey @HoW1974,


This would be a question best directed at Microsoft Support, as per Apple's Developer documentation, the two parameters can usually be left empty as they will automatically discovered, entering text in these will disable this.


The link you provided isn't regarding MDM, that's just if you want to log into Dashboard via Azure SSO, so you can ignore this one.


Cheers, Connor.

Thanks Connor.

At least i know the fields can be left blank, I guess my next step is to contact Microsoft regarding this issue.


Thank you for the pointers.

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