MDM Android Enrollment Issues

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MDM Android Enrollment Issues


I am new to Meraki and managing devices via a 3rd party software, so please bear with me.

My company has about 400 company and personal phones that we are attempting to manage via MDM System Manager. There is a mix of Android and Apple devices but right now just focusing on the Android enrollment. Almost all the android devices are already signed into google accounts to use mail, chat, and meet.

I followed the documentation of connecting our existing google domain with Meraki, which was straight forward. Once I saw the connection completed in the Google Admin Console, within an hour or two I started getting reports of current android phones that were signed in with google accounts were unable to use anything signed in with the google account. When I told one user to sign out and back into their google account, they were unable to sign back in and were in a continuous loop of trying to authenticate and failing.

I also attempted to enroll my android phone that was not signed with my google account, I had no problem doing this… I saw a work profile was created and I could sign into my google account with no issues and the work apps downloaded with no problem.

I am starting to wonder if the System Manager is mainly geared to using new or factory reset phones that do not have an existing google account signed in. How do I enroll current work phones that are signed in with a google and account and keep all their data?


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