Live tools not working on Mac OS and Windows

Comes here often

Live tools not working on Mac OS and Windows

Hi guys,


All of the live tools do not work on any device in my SM network (Mix of Mac OS & Windows 10)

This issue randomly cropped up and I cant use any live tools on ANY enrolled devices.


When using Remote Control I get this error - 'timeout connecting to agent proxy'

When using Command Line I get - 'Command execution timed out.'

And cant push any apps etc.


Tested devices with AV and Firewall disabled and still get the same results.

Nothing has changed in our environment that would explain this issue!


Currently got a case open with support but waiting on a response from the product support team.


Has anyone had similar issues?




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Check the task manager and see if m_agent_service.exe is running on a Windows PC. Very strange for it to be on all devices. Can you use a hotspot to connect a Mac or PC and see if it will work outside of your network?

Here are a couple more things to try:

Checked all that - devices check in fine.


Got the same results with a device that is being used at home.

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