Kiosk Mode - Change Logo?

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Kiosk Mode - Change Logo?

Hi all,


I am currently setting up Meraki MDM with android tablets, we are implementing Kiosk mode which is doing as we need so far however we would like to change the "Cisco Meraki" banner displayed at the top of the kiosk to something more appealing (e.g. the schools logo) is this possible as I can't seem to find a setting?




Kind of a big deal

I don't know the answer for sure - but I don't recall ever seeing an option to configure the logo.

I am currently mapping an Android MDM Solution for our customers, but I too can not find a way to replace this logo which is insane!


I feel the partnership between Cisco-Apple may be playing a part here...

Getting noticed

This would be great. Just like we can modify the splash page. I mean, I love cisco, but when my drivers make a delivery and the client sees a big ol cisco sign instead of our company logo it is not as sexy as it could be.


Completely agree!  I would love to see a way to change the banner as well.  I accidentally figured out that if you shove the logo toward the top of the tablet, it collapses to just a green bar that reads "Kiosk Mode".


It would be fantastic to be able to put a custom image there.  Even better, an HTML banner from my website with things like date, time, messages for my employees, etc.  Heck, I'd even agree to put a "Proudly brought to you by Cisco Meraki" tag  within the banner.  

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Are there any news about that?


I have the same situation in our company. We have about 200 Tablets in the Meraki MDM and in Kiosk mode.

Overall im really happy with Meraki, but not with the design from the Kiosk mode. The worst thing is that you can not even change the logo. It's really sad in a company like Cisco... Because on the other hand, in the Meraki Wifi settings for the Splash Site, you can change the logo, the color, etc. 


I really hope that this feature will come in the near future as an update. We would need this.

The support team would advise you to make a wish. Alternatively, you would need to speak to your Meraki account manager, who would then raise a change.


However, understanding what is the "new normal" is probably top of the agenda right now. Many companies will either not be back or will choose to operate at a much smaller size....see it can be just as profitable...and not return to their previous size.


This request has come up again from a partner i'm working with for custom background or logo branding on devices enrolled in Kiosk mode. I have submitted this as a "make a wish" within the dashboard, but wanted to keep this thread alive with a reply bump.



Just deployingg some devices in kiosk mode and found this thread. Is this still an issue?!


Would be good to see a URL to add weight to the fact this cannot be done?





Again, please use the "make a wish" link at the bottom of your dashboard

Hi Paul,


Really poor response.


Firstly I don't have a "make a wish" link at the bottom of my dashboard. I have a "Give Feedback" option, I did my research and found there's no such thing as a "make a wish" link anymore. Here's the info for you


The reason I posted (which I think was pretty clear) was to see if there had been any progress with the "wish". The wishes drop into a blackhole (someones mailbox) so how would I know if the other users "wish" has been acknowledged, put onto a roadmap, thought to be worthless etc.


Please, if you're going to engage with us as a community do it with a little more gusto and etiquette, I'll do so in return.





Well said Sir!  (Paul, PCParamedics)


I agree that if that the spokesperson for Meraki is simply telling us to keep wishing (by Giving Feedback now, of course) it's a poor response.  Is there no way to track this issue?  How about telling us the truth about where the issue actually stands.  


I appreciate the fact that there's a Meraki presence here, but if that's the best they can do - why bother.   What a knee-jerk reaction to not even know the link had changed or even to verify that it's still "Make a wish" before advising the community to follow that procedure.  Makes everyone with an interest in this believe Meraki couldn't care less, and that it's nowhere on their radar.  


Shame on you Meraki. 





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