KME, Android Zero Touch Enrollment, and Meraki MDM

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KME, Android Zero Touch Enrollment, and Meraki MDM

We have a large number of Samsung Devices we are trying to enroll into Meraki and we were hoping to use Knox Mobile Enrollement to enable zero touch provisioning. I have uploaded devices into KME and provided correct MDM configuration to point to Meraki. When we turn on a zero touch device, they download Meraki SM, and once they are provided an enrollment code, they will complete the download, however, devices appear to be stuck in Kiosk mode with no home button, no pulldown or swipe up options, and no way of exiting Meraki SM. Devices do not have a kiosk mode profile/configuration applied so I am unsure why they appear to be in Kiosk mode. I've tried a number of Samsung devices on Android 10, 11 and 12, they all appear to be experiencing the same issue.

Documentation between KME and Meraki seems to be contradictory with Google saying that KME is the preferred method for zero touch enrollment on Samsung Devices, and Meraki saying:
"Because KNOX-enrolled devices support a different EMM featureset with Systems Manager, Samsung KNOX enrollment is only recommended for managing single-purpose Samsung devices on 5.0 and earlier"


Is there a way to get KME working with Meraki in Device Owner mode, are the issues we are facing being caused by incompatibility between KME and meraki and should we be looking at Android Zero Touch rather than KME?

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