Iphone mysteriously factory reset?

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Iphone mysteriously factory reset?



Our iphones are enrolled with DEP and we're using Systems Manager.

I've had a user come to me today asking why her iphone has factory reset. I've logged into Systems Manager and I can't see an event listed which tells me that an erase device (or selective wipe) has been logged against the device.

How do I find out why this iphone has been factory reset? It's a bit of a mystery to me and it was an awkward moment explaining that the data (esp. photos) on the device has been lost.

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If this was initiated from the device end, the user should have received an email alert from Apple stating that there was some sort of iCloud/Find My Phone account activity change if they were logged in with a personal account.


While it's certainly possible that this occurred from the Meraki end, my experience has been that someone with physical access to the device erased it (intentionally, or not).

Kind of a big deal

I cannot speak for Meraki, but on our Exchange/ActiveSync, there was a policy which would enforce a factory reset, when inputting the wrong code on iPhones too many times.

Some of my colleagues learned of the policy the hard way, while lending their phone to their children.

LinkedIn ::: https://blog.rhbirkelund.dk/

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This was actually my 1st thought but we don't have that in place... I am still puzzled.
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