Invalid push certificate and cannot remove profile.

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Invalid push certificate and cannot remove profile.


Just taken over from the previous Network Manager. We use Meraki to deploy apps etc to the school ipads.


I didn't have the old password to took over as Apple Manager and took ownership of the ipads, then I realised I had an invalid push certificate. All the information I can see says that I need to un-enrol the iPads and re-enrol for the new push certificates. However, I cannot un-enrol as removal of apps is restricted. And I do not seem to be able to send out a new push certificate as I have an invalid push certificate.


I am going round in circles and cannot work out what to do next.


Help & Thank you

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If you get a new push certificate you would need to wipe the iPads and re-enroll them.


If they iPads are enrolled in DEP (Device Enrollment Program) then you should be able to have someone wipe them, either from the iPad settings, or with a computer (Apple Configurator or iTunes). Then DEP would re-enroll them for you.


If you don't have DEP then you are going to need to wipe them and re-enroll them manually, Apple Configurator would probably be the easiest for that, but would require you to physically have them.

@MacuserJim is correct. Letting the certificate expire is very bad and painfull.  This is an Apple restriction alas. Nothing Meraki can do about it.

Thank you for spending the time to reply, 

I am hoping to be able to use DEP, we have it, but just trying to find out the credentials. But I have asked apple for help with that one. Fingers crossed we get somewhere with that.

DEP is very handy if its been setup. As mentioned your only option is to factory erase the devices. Before you do this save yourself time by


1. Making sure devices are enrolled in DEP

2. Make sure Meraki is linked to your DEP account

3. Make sure your Apple VPP account is linked to Meraki


Once those are all setup and you have tagged the devices with the appropriate tags everything should be vey easy and quick. 


@Deborah Are you new to Meraki?

Thank you.


I am waiting for Apple to speak to my boss, to confirm I am who I say. Once I have that they will issue me with a new password. 

Then I can look in DEP and see what I can find/do



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