IOS home screen layout

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IOS home screen layout

Is it possible to create a folder with all my managed apps in it while still allowing the users to move other icons around as they wish?  The home screen layout seems to be locking all apps down where they can't be changed around.  When you tap and hold an icon, you never get the shaking icon and small x for deletion.

Getting noticed

Interested to hear about this too.

I'd like a homescreen layout to be an "optional" thing - It's configured but the user can reconfigure if needed.

Yes! I like that idea. I am going to make a suggestion for that.

I've just done some testing on and iPad and it looks like its all or nothing. Anything thats not specified in the "home screen layout" payload just gets put randomly and it can't be moved.

Yup - Not tried with another mdm so I don't know if it's an apple implementation or a meraki one.




Has anything happened with this yet? I have a client that has put bookmarks on the home screen and is unable to remove them.
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