How to "Auto Join" using Sentry Wi-Fi

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How to "Auto Join" using Sentry Wi-Fi



We have both Meraki MDM and Meraki access point. I'm trying to get a windows tablet to automatically join to our Meraki WiFi network using the "Systems Mananger Sentry Wi-Fi security" feature listed on the SSID Access Control page. It works, but the problem is it doesn't automatically join the network. 


I notice that if I create a Wi-Fi profile manually under Meraki MDM, there's a checkbox named "Auto Join". This isn't available on the profile automatically created by the Sentry Wi-Fi feature. 


Does anyone know if it's possible to have devices auto join Wi-Fi using the Sentry Wi-Fi security feature?





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Re: How to "Auto Join" using Sentry Wi-Fi


Right, I believe this is the way, as mentioned here

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Re: How to "Auto Join" using Sentry Wi-Fi

Hey Tom,


You'll just need to tick the Auto Join box. None of the fields are 'pre-ticked'.


Screenshot 2020-04-09 at 08.59.31.png








This is pushed to my iPhone for example, and whenever I am at home (not that we've been allowed to leave with the current lockdown!), it will automatically authenticate with the network.


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