IOS apps updating when mving from Country to Country

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IOS apps updating when mving from Country to Country

I have just been made aware of an issue in respect of apps going into 'update' or 'reinstall' mode when the staff with MDM devices land in another country;
We have IOS devices and I auto-load a number of predefined apps to each device when the device is first enrolled, (the usual suspects: Teams, Excel, Word, etcetc.)
When the user then lands in, say Germany, the apps start to re-install. which can take a while as you can imagine.

Not sure if this is an MDM issue but the coincidence is there;

Any input appreciated

Kind of a big deal

Only uses Systems manager for fun a couple of days.

When I used it, I used "geofencing" and remembering it will install/uninstall apps when leaving the area which is marked. 

Maybe something in this direction?

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Yea, Thanks @MarcP 
Had a look at that before coming to the forum but I have no geo-fences actually set.

However within each of the devices there is setting under Security which says 'geofencing ' compliant. (not sure where that come from though)

As an added variant to this I have just learnt that one of my users who is not under the control of System Manager (ie does not have any connection at all) also intermittently experiences a similar issue;

So it may be more of a carrier/IOS issue. But what that trigger point is, is the dilemma.
Will kepp digging

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

Hmm I wouldn't have thought this would happen. When you load the apps into SM you have to pick what countries app store you are using. I have no had any reports from staff in my org of this happening


It could just be a coincidence that the app are updating, have you checked the event log of an affected device to make sure it was communicating with the dashboard before they left the original country?
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One of the staff (aka Road warriors) will be travelling towards the end of this week and I have asked him to take a screen shot of the time when the update starts.
I will then check to see if the logs indicate that the update is triggered.
Thanks all

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