[INFO] - Feature Release

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[INFO] - Feature Release

Since I discovored two new features today, I thought I'll start a thread with a collection. Maybe our Merakians can stick it and expand it in the future or whatever. Some releases get posted on Dashboard and some not. But we need an information about coming or released features.


Variables in custom Apple profiles



Set Wallpaper & Lock Screen Message on Android devices

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Getting noticed

I was happy to find the 'Android Wallpaper & Lock Screen Message'. Just a shame you can't upload an image into the settings profile like you can for iOS devices

Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

This got announced here:



Correction: This announcement was only for the lock screen on Apple.  The lock screen on Android is new.

The point here is, I think we would all be happy if there is one standardized notification service for features being released.


One option is to post all features in Dashboard of SM or to use a sticky thread like this one, both would be the cherry on the cake 🙂

I agree, I think a better reporting method for all features would be great! I only see a couple announcements in the dashboard, but having one central location would be ideal since that's what I'm used to from other companies.

Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

We just launched this feature on Friday (4/5)! I will be posting a blog about it next week 🙂 Let me know what you think once you've tried it out!

Head in the Cloud

Hi @beks88 ,


Thank you! I would have liked to have known about this one. I guess another one for the 'Changelog'...https://community.meraki.com/t5/Endpoint-Management-Systems/Changelog-https-create-meraki-io-whats-n...


I feel bad continually having to mention this...but...*deep breath in*  


Thank you,
Peter James

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