How to remove an iPad from Meraki completely?

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How to remove an iPad from Meraki completely?

Hi All,


I am very new to Meraki and would like to learn how to remove iPads from management.


The process that I have followed so far is -


1). Reset / Erase an iPad
2). Use the 'Clear Activation Lock' feature in Meraki


The above steps let me reuse an iPad, but they do not remove it from management.


Here is a screen shot of the status of an iPad that I have followed the steps with -


Capture Y.JPG











Can somebody please explain how I can now remove the iPad from Meraki completely?


Kind Regards,



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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

The screenshot shows they are DEP enrolled.  So Apple has locked them to your organisation.


I don't know the answer.  I'm guessing you would have to go into Apple Business Manager or something and dis-associate them with your company.

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Like Philip mentioned above, you can't un-enroll from DEP from the device end. Apple Business Manager or Apple School Manager. Remove DEP from the device and the device will reboot with factory reset.

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Go to the Apple Business manager and release the device in question. This is part of our normal device lifecycle, in the long run you don't need written off devices in there causing longer sync times etc.


2019-10-16 08_20_41-Calculator.png


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