How to manage stock ios apps?


How to manage stock ios apps?



I would like to manage stock ios apps, such as 'News', 'App Store', 'Safari'.


The apps do not appear in the list on Apple's VPP site nor are they on the Meraki dashboard at: Systems Manager -> MDM -> Apps


My end goal is to restrict cellular data use like other managed apps. 


Is this possible?



Meraki Alumni (Retired)
Meraki Alumni (Retired)

Hi @kanteen_uk!


Currently Apple will not allow you to manage those native apps on devices, but you can use SM to show or hide them! If it's helpful in managing cellular data, you could go to SM>Policies and set up a policy that checks for devices using data beyond a certain threshold.


You could then go to SM>Settings>Restrictions>Show/hide apps and hide those stock apps. You could set the scope of that profile to only devices violating the policy you had set above. 


In this scenario - any device that exceeds a certain data usage limit will automatically have those stock apps hidden from the user!


Another option - you could hide those stock apps ALL the time and use SM to push out apps you can manage 🙂


Hope this is helpful!

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I use the White-list feature in settings ,, so like the news,Imovies all those stock apps are not on there , with my settings we only allow meraki Sm and 2 other apps so i have those whitelisted and few others like Settings,notes,tips, and other basic ones  , it also helps to use the restrictions under general , and use a separate pass code that the end user does not know 


also the WEATHER that comes with the ipad will use data in the background 

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