Help with a Meraki case on Android phones

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Help with a Meraki case on Android phones

I have case 08211444 open with Meraki for Android phone enrollment.  The person that's helping me on this ticket doesn't make any sense, and I'm not even sure if they're replying to the correct ticket since they're addressing me by a different name.  Can someone please help?


I'm trying to enroll my first Android phone on MDM, and this is a personal phone.  But the Meraki tech is suggesting that I factory reset the phone to enroll.  

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If the phone is being enrolled in "Device Owner" mode - then it has to be factory reset.  Nothing to do with Meraki - that is how Android Enterprise works (Apple's version has the same device wipe requirement as well).


If you are using it in BYOD mode (sometimes called "Work" mode), then you don't need to wipe the device.  You just enrol the Android device.  You have less control over a device in BYOD though. 

Thank you.  So since this Android phone is a personal phone, I'll be using BYOD mode.  The problem is that, this Android phone was already enrolled on MDM, and I'm trying to enroll again.


When I open the SM app, under managed Apps, there's nothing there.  When I remove the profile from the phone, and delete the phone from the dashboard, and re-enroll, it downloads the app, but it keeps saying there's a new version, and its just keep uninstalling and reinstalling the new one.  So I'm in a loop.


Also, according to the documentation, on either BYOD or Device Owner Mode, I'm supposed to be able to choose the sign in  / authenticate mode.  Either Google or Meraki mode.  I don't see that option, or I don't have a way of choosing that option.


The only thing its doing is that, it creates a Work folder with Meraki SM.


I didn't have any of these issues with an iPhone.

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