Google account changing allows application install


Google account changing allows application install



I am setting up mobile devices in "Device Owner Android Enterprise" mode. 


I was successfull to prevent unwanted application install etc. Push specific applications to devices. 


But, if users wants to use his/her personal gmail account in gmail application - as soon as he loggs in, its automatically changes account in Play Store as well, and end-user has full access to ALL application, which is unwanted. 


How should i solve this problem. 


Device Owner mode is mandatory for us. But you can recommend other solutions as well. 





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Head in the Cloud

Is the device company owned or personal?


I have experience on personal Android devices where Systems Manager creates a work profile.  The Google Playstore app in that profile will only show approved applications.



Dave Anderson



Yes, device is owned by company. And i am using Work Profile(Device owner mode) as well. In work profile it works perfectly that Play Store allows to download only the application accepted by Work Profile.


Problem is, whenever end-user changes Work Profile account to personal account under Google accounts, it automatically allows end-user to download all the applications in Play Store. 


So i am lookin for solution that allows end-user use his/her personal google account as well if needed and in the meantime not allowing to download all applications in Play Store. 



Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

That capability doesn't exist in Android Enterprise.


If the business problem is to keep enterprise and personal data separate, then work profile is the only answer

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