Force Updating Mac VPP Apps Running on Client Machines

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Force Updating Mac VPP Apps Running on Client Machines

Is there some way to force VPP apps to update on a client machine if the user has the application open? Is there some way for Meraki to notify a user that they need to quit the app so an update can occur? At the moment updates don't get pushed out because the apps are open all the time and only quit during shutdowns and restarts.


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Kind of a big deal

Is the MDM Command Send notification available for macOS?

Hello @BrechtSchamp 


The notification seems to be available for MacOS Devices as well. Screen Shot 2020-02-26 at 7.10.57 AM.png



















@novoadmin There is a Notification and Power Control command option for Macbooks using which you can either notify the user to quit the App or to restart the computer. 


Let me know if you have any questions.



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Wow, I has the exact same issue as we speak.


It does feel like there should be some sort of automated notification option that is triggered after a defined time that lets the end user know there is a pending update, and for them to quit the application. I have, however noted that sometimes a quit does not equal a resolution to the update conundrum. I think, and I am unsure if this is truly the case, a restart may also be required.


The tricky thing is there is still a lag on the actual updating process, and due to that the end user being unawares of the process, the application in question can be relaunched prior to the update actually completing. Rinse repeat.


So I think the resolution should be a notification, with a confirmation of a forced update.

I'll hang in here, there seem to be an issue overall with updating Apps on macOS

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