Exchange ActiveSync Email issue or bug?

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Exchange ActiveSync Email issue or bug?

Exchange ActiveSync feature kinda works. I setup this up to sync master Contacts Directory for our department.


In the ENABLED SERVICES section, I only have CONTACTS enabled. But I see that email, calendar,etc are also syncing.


In the ACCOUNT MODIFICATION section, all are disabled (no check). But my test device could still make changes to contacts.


Has anyone got this to work? I opened a case and as of this writing still no response from support. Could this be a bug?

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Meraki Alumni (Retired)

What is the case number?


What do you think, Noah? Is this a bug? Thanks.

any update on this? I noticed it not working also.  i opened a ticket with my macbook (i think) with the "feedback assistance" 


if you use the apple config 2 and make a profile you get a same results. so i'm sure it's not Meraki. i maybe apple/ios them selfs. or some other feature that's has to be enabled to. 

Have you guys got some stats on OS versions? That would be really helpful in testing.





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Stats? I'm only testing this profile on a couple of devices now. one is an iphone with iOS 13.3 and an iPad with iOS 13.3.



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iso 13.3.1 (or newest as of jan 1, 2020)

I believe it's Meraki. They been working on this issue for more than 3 months now. They were able to fix some, but broke some. They got the restrictions working and but now my contacts are not syncing. >sigh<

The support engineer assisting me has tested this on her own device and couldnt get it to work either.

you sure about that? when you use apple configurator you get the same results.

Yes I'm sure. The syncing part was working before I opened a case. Then Meraki fixed the toggle switches then broke the syncing. My ticket/case is has been unresolve to four(4) months now. This is frustrating! 

i had to call Apple support for another item and asked. the tech said to see if Exchange had any changes. maybe? who knows. But i'm still following this tread. let's hope it gets fixed.
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