Error: “InstallApplication” is not a valid request type.

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Error: “InstallApplication” is not a valid request type.

Anyone getting a bunch of error like this one when installing apps on an iPad?


I just wiped 30 iPads and about 5 of them are not installing apps at all. 


Activity log says this:


Jun 26 07:27Apps refresh
Jun 26 07:27Install app 'Oldify - Old Face App'
Jun 26 07:27CertificateList
Kind of a big deal



I have some questions regarding your issues.


Which Model of iPads?

What iOS?

Are the iPads DEP enrolled?

How are the Apps set to install?

Is this new behavior?


I fully think Meraki made some changes to the Dashboard that broke things in the past few weeks that had some very unintended consequences. 

I have had issues with profiles not deleting and passcodes that I cannot clear.





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I had the same issues with profiles not deleting.


Also, here are my answers to your questions:


7th gen iPads

iOS 13.5+

DEP enrolled

VPP Device Assignment

Yes, totally new as of a couple of weeks.





Have you opened a case with support yet? I would definitely reach out to them, they are actively troubleshooting this issue still as I am still in contact with support and any data points they can get will assist them in narrowing down what changed.


The iPads you are working on are similar to mine, I am using 6th and 7th gen running anywhere from 12.4.1 to 13.5.1 and seeing this issue. I cannot find any true fix on my end, it's like the command to delete the profiles from the previous network was removed as part of the process when moving iPads between networks.

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