EMM Network Summary > Could do with an 'Offline Section'...Wish Made!

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EMM Network Summary > Could do with an 'Offline Section'...Wish Made!

I would really like an offline section in the 'Systems Manager > Summary'  that would show online/offline statistics:

 - Online

 - 7 Days Offline

 - 14 Days Offline

 - 30+ Days Offline


With an option to export these device lists for each.


This is what our customers requests, which require me manually to export calculate these out.

I have used the 'Make a Wish' request, but none of my wishes have ever come true.

Thank you,

Peter James

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

What about sorting on the "Connected" column (you can click on the column heading)?

@PhilipDAth Yes on the 'client page' this works as expected, but for client report generation this is all a manual process as we have to export and then import the data to excel.


I am looking at using the API to automate this, but until I see some life in Meraki working on the API it is not a direction I feel comfortable taking.

Thank you,
Peter James

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