'Organisation > Summary Report' 100x better than the 'Network > Summary'!

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'Organisation > Summary Report' 100x better than the 'Network > Summary'!

The features on the 'Organisation > Summary Report' should be the same for 'Network > Summary'.

These are the exact same features we would be looking for EMM networks.


To name a few:

 - Export

 - Email (With custom Logo)

 - Scheduling of reports

 - Report Customisation


Just comparing these leaves a sour taste in my mouth as it really feels EEM networks are not really your focus anymore.


Thank you,
Peter James

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

There is no network wide summary report ...  there is a network wide clients report, but that is not the same as the Organisation summary report.

@PhilipDAth I appreciate the wording is horrible, but for an EMM network if you go to 'Systems Manager > Summary', the report name is 'Network Summary'.


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