Documentation Update - EMM: 10/10/17

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Documentation Update - EMM: 10/10/17

Hi Community,
I'll be posting new or heavily updated articles in their relevant sections on the boards.
Here are the new EMM-relevant articles this week:

Do-Not-Disturb Mode

An article on the new feature for Systems Manager, which lets you delay content updates from the Meraki MDM.

Using Lost Mode to Recover Missing iOS Devices

A potential solution for helping to recover lost/stolen devices.


You can find the full list of updates for this week here.

Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki
Head in the Cloud

@CameronMoody Thanks for this.


If you ever want a surge in users of the Do-Not-Disturb Mode I would incorporate iOS updates too, but I suspect your partnership with Apple might have vetoed that.


We want to be able to schedule iOS updates and for them only to apply on devices that are not in Kiosk / SingleApp mode (Client page > SingleApp: Select Application) so the devices do not go Offline.


Thank you,
Peter James

@PeterJames I can't personally speak to timeline or feasibility of the request, but I have forwarded it to our MDM product team. Thanks for the feedback.

Cameron Moody | Documentation Manager, Cisco Meraki

@CameronMoody Great - Thanks! Appreciate it.

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