Device Address/Location

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Device Address/Location

We have an issue where looking at the devices that are talking to Meraki (the laptops) most are reporting they are in the West of the UK where as we are in the South. Looking at a laptop now that is sat right next to me in an office in the South, the device is appearing as being in the West, miles away. It claims it's using the IP to decide where the device is.


I've looked in 


Systems manager > Configure > General > Network locations


And the location that is set, with the LAT and LNG settings is where I am in the office in the South. So I'm confused why Meraki is setting the devices location as being miles from where it is. It makes tracing it pointless if stolen as we're seeing it's really inaccurate.


Any ideas?

Getting noticed

That sounds like a bit of a bug. When you override via IP that should set the location to be whatever you set. for me its worked well when i manually added the location and IP, otherwise everything would be across the country!


The only thing i can thing of is the client is reporting the wrong external IP, thus giving wrong information. 


Best of luck!

It is odd.


I've added another IP with the Geocode which points to our office in the South. One testing device has finally started to report being in the office in the South. Other laptops however, are still appearing to show being in the one location in the West. Where no one has ever been and we have no office. Wells, near Glastonbury.


Having said that, those haven't reported for 3hrs so I'll see if their location is corrected now I've added this new IP in.

It is now Jan 2019 and same more location tracking issues.


Had a device that we couldn't find that was stating it was in Oxfordshire when it was miles south of that. It was on WIFI which suggests IP tracing is next to useless, especially if the IP your device is getting is registered miles away from where your kit actually is.

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