Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Meraki


Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Meraki

We are trying to prevent 2 big features in iOS Outlook with Meraki. We would like to prevent the ability to connect other accounts like Google Drive, etc. if possible. We would also like to know how we could have users take a picture, for an attachment for example, and have that photo saved on the work container side only. At the same time, this photo needs to be accessible by the Outlook iOS app.


This can be done easily on Android because of the separate work containers but iOS doesn't exactly have that same containerization that Android does.On Android we installed a Camera and Gallery app so that pictures can be taken and saved within the gallery app. We would like to somehow replicate this for iOS. 

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there was a discussion about this few months ago here is the link

I did see that discussion and that may help with the first part of my question. I will have to begin testing with that.


The other part about having pictures within the work container remain separate from personal pictures is a big thing for us. With Android it's possible but for iOS, I'm having some issues finding a solution.

wish i could help with the pictures side of it ,, we don't use IOS that way, Ours are 100% locked down no Icloud or email 

Do you guys use supervised mode where the phone is company provided? Or those are BYOD devices?

no we don't support BYOD  for  IOS they are only Ipads , the 1 Iphone we have was purchased through Apple which is put through DEP   , we have a handful of legacy ipads out there that are meraki managed only though a generic IT controlled icloud account 

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