Deploying Software to MacOS Catalina (Profile Issue?)

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Deploying Software to MacOS Catalina (Profile Issue?)

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So I am trying to deploy software to some MacOS devices. These Macs were bought before we had DEP setup so I have added to System Manager by installing the Meraki System Manager agent. The issue is when I try and push software the process just hangs or fails. I have a feeling this is because I haven't installed a profile on the Mac yet, just the agent. 


Does anyone know where I can find documentation about installing management profiles on MacOS? Can I do this using System Manager?


Also, when I am talking about profiles, I am talking about profiles in macOS. System Preferences -> Profiles



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

@That1Guy  If you go to your dashboard under system manager there is an option to add devices. If you select MacOS then you have two options, the agent which you have already installed of the profile. To install the profile you need to browse on the device to and enter in the unique 10 digit code for your network.


Good luck!
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