DEP Enrollment Authentication

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DEP Enrollment Authentication

Is this docu still accurate?


Are we still not able to use Azure AD to authenticate users when enrolling through DEP?


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Kind of a big deal

I believe so without a third-party solution.

Here to help

login auth linked with Azure AD. is no easy.

use intermediate NPS server which joined to Azure AD.


DEP User and Azure AD auth linked integration for Apple services.
You should check with Apple.


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Thanks @Yuya already took a look on this and will give it a try with a smaller customer. But that's not the point I'm asking for.

Even though in this case I would miss Merakis statement if we'll be able to import users from Business Manager, so they can authenticate against SM and will show up in owners so I'm able to use the owners mail to set up his account on his device.

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After going through this feature (you linked) with an Apple technician I can confirm, that this integration makes only sense if you have BYOD enrollment scenarios for User Enrollment.
This will give your organization the ability to prevent your employees to use their company mail as a private Apple ID for purchasing Apps etc.
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