Create TAG after software install

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Create TAG after software install

Is there a way to install an application and have it add a tag after it has been installed? 

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Hi Gorrister, is your goal about tags or more about "I want a report for all devices that have application X successfully installed"?



We have software that needs to be installed first and then the second piece of software that relies on that software being installed.  So we wanted a TAG to be created after the first software was installed so then the second would install based on the TAG.

I know doesn't support the direct method you think.
But, isn't it possible in the following way?
If you create a ‘Security Policy’ that allows you to check the software that needs to be installed first, you will be able to identify the device where this software is installed.
I think you can apply a tag that is compliant with the above policy to the software to be installed second?


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