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Check NotNow Status

Can anyone explain what all would cause an iPad to return a Check NotNow status in the Event Log when I try to push a profile update or an app install?  It has been suggested by Meraki that the device may be locked but all our staff have passcodes on their iPads and it doesn't happen with everyone but I'm getting it on several that need a critical update that's not happening automatically like it's supposed to.


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@Diane Sometimes I see this on freshly enrolled devices when the Meraki app is being pushed down. Often I find that it is when policies are being checked for compliance and if other profiles are being pushed down this occurs. What happens if you check in the device while it is open? 

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that simply means that the iPad is locked. Profile and apps need the iPad to be unlocked to be pushed.

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Hi @Diane


I agree with @jared_f  and have seen the same thing. @alexis_cazalaa hit the mark. I've also seen varied timing on request results being brought back for the device in the dashboard. 


Meraki Documentation on Status NotNow

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This is were Meraki would greatly benefit from an inventory update button to query all installed apps, profiles, and check compliance of policies. Sometimes the device gets confused until all of these are checked. 

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