Feature Request: Send a Notification to Multiple Devices at once (+Timer)

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Feature Request: Send a Notification to Multiple Devices at once (+Timer)

It would be great if we could send notifications to multiple devices at once.


With a future view to put these on a set Daily / Weekly timer. Each sector of business could benefit from this.


Such as examples:
 - 23:55 > Put device on charge overnight.

 - Hourly > Wash Hands

 - Daily > Staff Meeting in 15 Minutes

 - Christmas > From Head Office, have a great Christmas all.

 - April Fools > All people wearing green tops will be fired in 30 minutes.


Yes, I have 'Made a Wish'.


Thank you,
Peter James

A model citizen

@PeterJames, I agree that scheduled notifications would be very beneficial! You can send notifications to multiple devices now, however. Select multiple in your Systems Manager > Devices, hit your Command (drop down) > Send Notification.  

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@WadeAlsup You are completely right, not sure how I missed that one. Thanks.


I made a wish and zero contact from Meraki support.

It was really the timer element I was after - The applications for that in a business are so useful!

Thank you,
Peter James

Kind of a big deal

I second this feature request. For example, we are having a new TV, Internet, and Phone system installed Thursday and it would be great to have a pre-set message sent out letting people know that there may be periodic outages. Not sure if it will help, but I will submit a Make a Wish with this same request.



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@jared_f That is a really good idea!


Pre-warn or inform about known outages.


Thank you,
Peter James

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