Can not register Windows 7 pro in SM

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Can not register Windows 7 pro in SM



How you register Windows 7 pro and Windows 2008R2 Server in System Manager any good trick because i try everything so fare (under Admin account, with the agent MSI file, with the web, by email,agent is up and running no problem).


So any good trick will welcome



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You install the file and wait..


Few questions:

- are there more devices than these in the same network environment not connecting? 

- check the log files for errors


Try and disable the anti virus while trying to install the msi file and try again. 

Make sure everything from the previous installation is gone before you try it again.




Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It could be possible your gateway is blocking this. Do you have any exisitng devices that work? Do you have any antivirus or firewall software which could be blocking this?

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