Bug Report - Profile Settings with PSW

Getting noticed

Bug Report - Profile Settings with PSW

Hello Group,


I came across a problem and all point to the Meraki unless it's by design, in Apple iOS for MDM (Supervised devices).


I created a profile settings that push CardDAV accounts and info to devices, it works for 2 years without a problem. Then I when and edit that profile and voilà! the problem started. I can no longer push that profile to devices. Every time a device receives the profile, it will ask for the password. The point of creating a MDM profile is I don't want to give away the psw to users.


I use a single Google Workplace account, that I sync with my Exchange public folder internal contact (using my Outlook with CalDav Sync). So I can manage a one-way sync between the server and all users, no one can modify info beside admin on the network. Sync is done every hour, so they are always up to date.


After spending 2 hours on the phone with Google, trying to flex the user login/security process, because I thought it was Google that was blocking multiple connections and not being able to do it, I turn myself to another CardDav server and I choose MGX (Free) configure my outlook sync, all contacts are on the GMX server, create a profile, push the profile, work as expected !!


Now I edit the profile so it will have a nicer name, ask for psw to remove, etc.... push it back.... device now ask for a psw !! Same problem came back... create a new profile, push to the device, work... ?!?! Now I don't touch it.


Now where is the problem ? On Meraki side or in the iOS that refuse to receive the psw for an existing installed profile ??


Anyone had that problem ? I know I read about some people having issue with Exchange PSW being asked to users every time the profile get updated on the device, look like a similar type of issue.

Getting noticed

I just notice that if you try to update the profile it's not working, but if you remove the profile and upload it again... it's working !!

Kind of a big deal

I don't know the answer.


Sounds like the profile does not allow that parameter to be overwritten if it is already configured.  I'll guess it is something to do with Apples key chain system.

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