[Bug] : Duplicated MDM Client when enrolling Windows

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[Bug] : Duplicated MDM Client when enrolling Windows



I have noticed that sometimes with Windows MDM enrolement it is creating 2 entries on Meraki (Client)


Someone else had this behavior ?


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal
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Thank you @BlakeRichardson


-added profile first, installed agent second = 1 client appears in Systems Manager

-installing agent, then adding profile = duplicate entries


Is it on the backlog for fix ? This should happen however you enroll 😉

No idea if its been reported as a bug or not. 





Created Date: Sep 10, 2018 00:32


Let see ...


Thank you

Thanks for the case number, I'll try to check in on this during the week.

I think we are the only ones having problems the support doesn’t see any ... like usally ....



It took 3 weeks to the support to get this :


“I reproduced this in our lab and I do not see duplicate entries.

Thank you,

Cisco Meraki Technical Support”

You are not alone. I also have some notebooks with the same issue. I've notice that in some duplicates I have a message: "Client synchronization is not yet complete." (and lot's of missing information (Model, Serial, CPU, RAM, BIOS,...)

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Happy to know that I am not alone 🙂

Unhappy to see that this case from 2018 haven’t been solved !
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We've had the same problem for a while. I have an ongoing ticket where I dump new duplicate entries and Support merge them for me. I noticed that duplicate entries usually appear if there is a significant time difference between enrollment via Settings and Agent installation. It also happens sometimes when users install Agent first and enroll via Setting right away but almost never happens when they do the opposite.

Another problem mentioned above is "zombie" enrollments when devices are stuck in "Synchronization is not yet complete" state and it is impossible to trace what they are.
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