Blocking app store

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Blocking app store

I blocked the App store for IOS devices and it is still accessible in the message app. How can i block so the App store cant be accessed?


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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I would open a support ticket, that doesn't sound right. I'll do some testing in the morning when I am back in my office to see if I can replicate the fault.


What version of iOS is the device running?


Running version 14.4

Mekari responded below that they can replicate it as well.

Meraki Employee
Meraki Employee

I can recreate this on my supervised iPad, however, you'll notice that all app "Get" or "Download" buttons are disabled. So whilst the user can still browse the App Store via this method, they cannot actually install anything.





I did notice that but didn't know how secure that would be. Is that the best we can get, as in just blocking downloads and not the actual site? Just trying to prevent student from browsing all the time.



Looking at the Apple docs, there's no specific restriction that prevents App Store access on Messages:

I'd suggest this is likely a feature request /issue that Apple will need to resolve, you can open a support ticket directly with Apple if you wish:
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