Blank User Password in Windows 10

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Blank User Password in Windows 10

We have kiosks that we'd like to start managing with SM.  The kiosks run Win10 and are setup with auto-login  where there is no password for the account.  This setup has worked fine until we loaded the system agent on the devices.  Upon the first reboot of the now SM managed Win10 devices, it forces a password change.  


We can change the password and try to change it back to blank, but it says that it doesn't meet the password requirements.  We can also remove the SM agent, and after doing so, we are able to change the password to something blank.  So we've determined that it is the SM agent that is enforcing that password policy.  We just don't know how.  


I can't find where that password policy is configured in the SM admin portal.  I don't have any organization security setting saying a password has to exist or be x characters long.  I also don't have a MDM/device profile saying anything like that either.


Is there anyway to have Meraki SM manage a Win10 device without forcing a password policy or allow blank passwords?



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Meraki Employee

Hello there!


The issue that you are describing is definitely not the expected behavior. If it is still happening, I would advise you to run it by the Cisco Meraki Support team and have them guide you through the necessary troubleshooting steps. All you need to do is go to Help > Get Help on your Dashboard and use the most convenient channel for you. Here's a KB with further information about contacting support:


I hope you find this helpful!

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