Beta Customers Needed - Trusted Access for Android devices

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Beta Customers Needed - Trusted Access for Android devices

Hey all!


Do you wish to securely connect Android endpoint devices to Meraki MR wireless networks using Meraki-provisioned 802.1x certs without having to enroll in MDM?


The SM product team is looking for beta customers to test our Trusted Access feature on Android devices.


You can read more about Trusted Access here: Trusted Access for Secure Wireless Connectivity.


The goal of this feature is to provide secure, scalable network access for end devices that do not wish to enroll into the Systems Manager agent and/or profile.


If you think you're a good fit and would like to speak with our product team to learn more, please fill out our beta interest form here: Beta Request Form



Kind of a big deal

This is good news!


I'm already signed up.  I'll look forward to testing this next week.



Do you think you'll bring this platform to Windows 10 as well?

Building a reputation

Hi Victor. Looks like form is not public.



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Thanks @T1! The form should now be accessible 😀

Kind of a big deal

We've been giving the Android support a bit of a work out lately and it now seems to work well.


Hi All,


I just filled out the form here- this morning I've been digging into trusted access with android to try to get it working on my home network. I was anxious to give it a shot when it was first released, but I don't have any iOS devices! So naturally I was anxious to give this a shot.


Everything has been pretty smooth sailing for me so far... but I seem to be getting a little hung up on installing the wireless profile with certificate on my Pixel 4 XL. I downloaded the trusted access app from the play store... get logged in and hooked up, but when it doesn't seem to fully install the wlan profile, or I just don't know what options to choose- I imagine the average user wouldn't either.


Am I missing something simple, is the trusted access app supposed to do this part for me?


UPDATE: I actually just figured this out. It seems like a quirk in Android that I don't really understand. After I get logged into the trusted access app and the profile is applied, when you click on the SSID to connect, for some reason it takes me to the settings page and the "connect" option is grayed out, as you can see in my screenshot. BUT, if I cancel out of that and long press on the SSID then choose "Connect", it connects right up, no problems. I just tried forgetting the SSID and reapplying the wlan profile- same exact thing. I had to long press on the SSID and then hit connect.Seems very odd- like android thinks that the information is incomplete. It is strange though that when I dig into the settings, it doesn't seem to list the Certificate or anything, and won't let me save any changes.... but- it works?



I have experienced that issue on Android (of having to touch the SSID), but I have not tested on Google Pixel phones (I mostly test on Samsung and Huawei).

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