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Assets Management

looking at Device list, we track a lot (Mac, Windows, phones, AppleTVs, ...) and Meraki has slowly become the Assets Management tool (to some degree).


Does anybody have any good tip/tricks how you integrate Meraki to any Assets Management tool or use Meraki as Assets Management tool? Obviously I cannot add printers, non-meraki switches, etc and based on size of our company a bit hesitant do add yet another tool for discovery etc.


thank you


Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

I would not recommending Meraki as an asset management tool... Asset management should include purchase info i.e. date, cost supplier, invoice number etc


It should also include who the asset is allocated to. You really need something that gives you proper asset reporting as well. 

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I would consider something like freshservice for asset management as it has ITIL processes builtin as well for change management. We use this and within Meraki we assign a asset number generated from freshservice to the device in meraki.

What would be idea solution is Asset Management tool which can integrate via API with Meraki, we tried freshservice but the network discovery part is windows only (we are mac shop). I might grind the teeth and run windows box for the discovery.




you can describe it a little bit more detailed, I would also like to use freshservice for asset management.

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