Apple Classroom for Mac error

Comes here often

Apple Classroom for Mac error

I'm getting the following error when setting up a profile Apple Classroom on macOS.




Can't seem to find any documentation regarding this, only for Shared iPad or 1-to-1 iPad.


Thank you!



- Are you using iPads or Laptops?

They've different meraki profiles.


- First create a single profile.

When properly installed,  you can buid all classroom after.


2 options:

- From Apple Schoool Maneger

- Directly in meraki -> rofiles -> Education

   Do you have teachers and students in this classroom?







I am wanting to setup this on iMacs, I have a user profile already setup, with the education payload:




I already have the Apple Classroom with the education profile working on iPads.




Try to do this:

System manager -> settings

Add profile --> Attention, type: Device profile (default)

  Name (easy for try): 123

  Device tag: create a new tag: TG123


 Thats is, Is a super easy profile. (do nothing)


Now, try to put this profile to macs


1.- If this profile is loading correctly. The problem is your profile MAC OS Shared

     1-1: Try to do another profile


2.- if this profile dont loading. The problem is when you are loading the meraki agent

    2-1: try to reload the agent:

     1st  try to clean your mac from old meraki agents

      2nd  goto:

     devices --> Add Devices

      macOS -> agent --> download the instaler

      load the instaler in your mac

       Go to meraki -- devices:

          -- Be sure to see the green apple in meraki near your mac

       load the profiole




I know I get a little repetitive. and there are steps that you obviously already know.
But sometimes, in the middle of one of those steps, there is the detail.


Good luky












Thanks for the help!


I have tried that, still getting this error:




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