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Apply tags based on DEP settings?

Getting noticed

Apply tags based on DEP settings?

I haven't been able to figure this out but maybe someone else has. 

Is it possible to have a certain tag "X-tag" apply to a machine when DEP settings "X-dep" are assigned?
I have a default tag applied under Systems Manager > Configure > General, but this is for any machine added to the SM network. 

My hope was to apply "X-tag" to "X-dep" and "Y-tag" to "Y-dep" to push specific configuration for each setting without having to manually tag a machine. 

Kind of a big deal

Re: Apply tags based on DEP settings?

@jm_peterson  Not that I am aware of sorry. You could send this through to Meraki as a feature request however it is very easy to search for devices based on their DEP profile and apply the tag you want from the DEP page. 

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Re: Apply tags based on DEP settings?

@jm_peterson To echo what @BlakeRichardson said, if you are assigning different DEP profiles why not assign a different tag at the same time. 



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