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Android Blacklist Apps

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Ok. i am very annoyed with the blacklisting in Android.


for IOS. it just works. you blacklist an app. there is no way an user can install said app. and it just disappears if the app was before the blacklisting.


for Android, it only works for "system apps". so i can blacklist an app that comes with a phone, but i cannot avoid for a user to install that app.


the only workaround i found, is setting up security policies... so. if the user install a blacklisted app. i can disable "any other other apps" (bescause they require that the device is secure)... but not the app i want to blacklist.


any other workaround? or a proper blacklist.




PD. yes i know, that i can disable the ability to install any app from my users.(disable appstore and apk install) but that is not my objective..



Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

It looks like it is supported ....


If the devices are in "Device Owner" mode you can simply remove the users ability to install apps, and then they can only use what you push to the device.

yep, thats is the two option avaiable work with security.... thats what i have now,. but is a "reversed blacklist"


yuou blacklist apps. and then if they show, device is marked as non-compliant... then you can remove all the rest... but not the ones you want blacklisted.


yes, removing the capability to remove the store is always there, but we only want to use that for "project devices" that we completely close.


for the standard "personal phone or tablet" we want to give the users that ability... within limits 🙂

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Hi @JavierD,


I would use whitelists for corporate owned devices and then use BYOD/Work profile for personal devices and disable data transfer between normal apps and work profile apps.


Personally, I would be pretty annoyed if you told me I needed to put Device Owner on my personal device. Or do you maybe still mean corporate owned for business use? Then have a form for App requests. There are so many play store apps that ask for full file read / contact permissions simply for the point of data mining. 


Thank you,
Peter James

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