Activesync / Certificate based Authentication on iOS Outlook

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Activesync / Certificate based Authentication on iOS Outlook

Hi all,


I'm managing a fleet of iPads via Meraki SM, and so far so good. I've all the devices in supervised mode and can make any changes needed remotely.


I'm now looking to push out Activesync profiles for the managed iOS Outlook app, but want to attach certificates for Certificate based Authentication rather than passwords.


In Meraki, I can see the options for attaching the certificate to the Activesync profile, but am not sure where to get the certificates from. Do these need to be 3rd party generated (Globalsign, etc?), and will I need 30 different certificates for 30 different users? It seems unnecessarily complex.


I've already a ticket open with Microsoft, but they're not helping much. We have Office 365, Azure AD Premium licenses, Meraki SM and around 30 iPads. Any thoughts?


Thanks in advance!

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Kind of a big deal
Kind of a big deal

If this is for connection to your own Exchange server, then you'll need your own CA server, and to generate your own certificates for your users.


I haven't done it with Azure, but here are Azure instructions.

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