2 of 32 devices show Error: No license was found for app but we have licenses

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2 of 32 devices show Error: No license was found for app but we have licenses

I have 32 iphones in my Meraki MDM. They are supervised and in DEP. The profile installs two apps: Meraki System Manager and a company app from the apple store. I have many unused licenses and VPP certificate is up to date.

All works fine for 30 phones. Both apps get installed and work fine. I can reset iphones and reinstall profile and all continues to work fine.

2 phones show issues. One installs the company app, but does not install Meraki System Manager.The other install Meraki System Manager, but not the company app.


Both throw errors:

Code: 12064
Domain: MCMDMErrorDomain

Error: Could not retrieve license for the app with iTunes Store ID ###

Error: No license was found for app "com.***.***"


Have tried to push apps via dashboard. Reset iphone and reinstall profile. I have even changed their MDM servers via DEP portal. Still same problem.

Any help greatly appreciated.

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Try the following


navigate to the Apps dashboard open the App and under License usage details click on „Revoke unknown device licenses“

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Thanks beks88. I tried it multiple times with no luck. I even removed from DEP and re entered into DEP. Same result. Baffled.

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Hi @mustang15 ,


We have hit this issue recently too;more than usual.


The fix for us was to simple just hit App update on the App it thinks it is installed (The install/update commands is exactly the same).


On a few we had to try a few times but it did eventually go through.


Thank you,

Peter James

Thanks PeterJames, but still no luck. Been trying for hours. Ugh...

Hi @mustang15 ,


Have you tried going to the DEP page, allowing it to sync, then trying again? We had a few accounts that required the new Apple T&C's to be accepted.


Or going to the SM->Apps->Accounts (top right)->Sync VPP accounts?

Thank you,

Peter James

Hey PeterJames,

I have done full sync with DEP multiple times. It is just so frustrating.

I have removed them from the Meraki profile, cleaned the phone, and re-entered them in Meraki. Same problem.

I have 2 Meraki servers with the exact same settings. Tried moving the 2 iPhones to different Meraki server via DEP. Exact same problem. I have removed them from DEP and re-entered into DEP. Same problem.

I have Erase All Contents and Settings, which on reboot re-applies the Meraki profile - multiple times. Same problem.

I have tried pushing apps via the individual Meraki device page, via the Meraki apps page. I have tried pulling the app via the meraki app on the phones. I have done this it seems 10s of times over the last week.No dice. Same problem.

I have tried to install the apps via Cofigurator 2. Same problem.

My Meraki profiles work fine on all the rest of my iPhones. These 2 phones just will not co-operate.

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We just started having the same issue with only one app out of 20 or so.  Did you get any resolution for this or open a ticket with Meraki? Thanks for any help you could provide!

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Hey RowanR,

Still no luck. I even worked with an apple tech for a couple hours. They are convinced it is not an apple problem. About once a week I keep trying. Still unresolved. If you find your solution could you give me a heads up so I can try?

Good luck.

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I got the app to install! Try a manual enrollment into your network from Safari. (m.meraki.com)


Good luck!

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Will try tomorrow. Thanks for the tip!

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I have the same problem with an app. I tried to install that app on different devices and got the same error: 

Sep 30 10:00Grant VPP device license-success: false, App: ClassDojo (552602056), Error: License not eligible for device assignment.


The app still has 200+ licenses available and, it worked before

Hey MinhPhan,

Sorry to hear you have a similar problem. I too had over 200 available licenses with a brand new VPP token.

I never came up with a solution.

Strangely, yesterday, after not touching them for a month, I looked at my two problem iPhones and they magically solved their own problem. Everything was installed correctly. Hmm. I got curious and decided to remove them from Meraki, then removed them from the MDM server in DEP (and left them unassigned), and reset them. Then re-assign the MDM profile in DEP. It replicated into Meraki and the phones re-acquired the profile correctly. It worked again. Yikes.

Whatever license problems they had, resolved themselves, as I left them alone for over a month. Or Meraki silently/mysteriously fixed something.

Sorry I don't have a solution for you.

Best of luck.

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