Episode 26: Troubleshooting Made Simple

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Just a mention of the word 'troubleshooting' to a network administrator might be enough to send shivers down their spine. Everyone has a story. The truth is, troubleshooting can be a painful exercise. At Cisco Meraki we strive to make every aspect of network administration easier, and troubleshooting is at the heart of that. In today's episode we discuss new, intelligent enhancements to our suite of troubleshooting tools.


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quite enlighting

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I agree that troubleshooting sometimes can be more stressful than regular configurations.


This tools will surely help everyone troubleshoot simpler and faster.


Thank you Meraki. 👍

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Every administrator's worst nightmare of a word to hear!


It is a shame that it's not a video podcast. Would definitely like to watch the podcast!



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hi @merakisimon 


agree, as a system administrator I know how much difficult to troubleshoot network while is any issues occur but Meraki will simplify many things with just 2 clicks I can find my exact problem of this network issue especially I would love that TOOLS function which is helping me for local ethernet port troubleshoot without visiting physical at the site. 


Thank you. 

Keval Parsaniya 


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It will be very useful can have a compatibility check before apply an upgrade of firmware to meraki products. This compatibility check should check the actual customer configuration and advise if there is some setup that doesn't fit with new firmware for every kind of reasons.



Thank you very much

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Since I'm new in this market it is very nice to hear how was before this amazing fast troubleshooting and the use of GUI, which differs a lot from the previous days.

I learned more about it in this episode.

Also, I'm glad that I have this facilitated environment now that I'm getting into this.


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There are so many great troubleshooting tools in the Meraki Dashboard. I'm anxiously awaiting firmware to overcome some "known issues" on the MS390 series.  I hadn't realized how dependent I am on the ability to see CDP/LLDP information and really miss it on these new switches.

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