Office Network Cleanup

Office Network Cleanup

This was a few hour project - the spaghetti was REAL. 


Image (3).jpg


We're on the 14th floor, we have OM3 Fiber going to the 7th floor, and soon to the 5th as well ( yay, that will be another deployment soon ). 


Currently using a MX84 with 2 MS225-48FP's

There's also a spare 24 port not in use rn. 


Only complaint about the MX84 is that is restarts whenever you make a WAN config.


Image (1).jpg

Also installed two MT10's, super easy to setup! 


I forgot you have to had to add them to your inventory and then it hit me ( lol ).



Kind of a big deal

🙂Good job on the setup and tidiness. Its one of those feelings of relief knowing the spaghetti party is over lol.

Kind of a big deal