MS130R-8P initial testing

MS130R-8P initial testing

I setup a new MS130R-8P switch today on my kitchen counter in a quick and dirty test.




The switch upgraded to the latest stable MS code (16.7). I connected all of the spare equipment that I had on-hand to it. I connected an MV72 camera, MR86 AP, and Cisco 6861, 6871 and 8865 phones. The external Meraki 300 Watt power supply is massive, almost as big as the switch. The power supply is made by LiteOn and requires a notched power cable. With all of the equipment connected to it, the switch heats up quickly and is running about 91F. The power supply is still cool to the touch. You have to order the power supply and power cable separately, they do not automatically ship with the switch (I figured this out the hard way). I also have one of the DIN rail Cisco 480W AC power supplies on order and will test it with the switch when I receive it.






So far, the new switch looks like another winner from Meraki!