New Regional Office in Tennessee

New Regional Office in Tennessee

After a long night installing hardwareAfter a long night installing hardwareFull Meraki stackFull Meraki stackA7304005.jpgA7303802-HDR-3.jpg

Kind of a big deal

Is that a wall mounted UPS?


Nice rack 😁

Comes here often

It is a wall-mounted rack UPS!


That was a temporary solution until the server cabinet with the Symmetra LX UPS arrived. 


The third photo shows the server cabinet with the UPS in-place. I don't think they have ever removed the UPS from the wall - guess it is a redundant power source...

A model citizen

Love the macgyver-ish solution for the UPS! 

Nice cabling btw 😉

Head in the Cloud

wow, very good and nice cleaned up!

Getting noticed

nice, now just need to sort out the mess to the right of that.  Good job, nice work